About DahJin Industrial

Shenzhen DahJin Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of quality TLW-B THREE LAYER INSULATION WIRE AND TLW-B2 LAYER INSULATION WIRE. The company has satisfied customers over the years by focusing on the quality of our product and the timeliness of our delivery. Our customers are all over HONGKONG, CHINA, JAPAN, TAIWAN,KOREA etc

Our products are made of copper conduct covered by 2 or 3 extruded insulation layers, and matched the requirements of UL-2353. They may use for HF transformers directly and save the materials of interlayer-insulations, stop wall and sleeve etc. Without using interlayer-insulations, transformers may have smaller volume, and save the total material and manufacture cost. TLW-B can weld with welding tin directly without peeling outer insulation layer first. It also can be manufactured to be peeling easily for manufacturing needs.  

Manufacturing at DAH JIN is based on striving for the highest levels of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Manufacturing techniques employ the use of high quality materials, and processes to ensure international competitiveness. 

  Our employees are highly trained, they came from a big TLW factory and own more 25 years experience for producing TLW, and our international sales and shipping department can effectively give international clients the support they need. Our engineers are fully trained to handle all technical aspects of design, and production, and are at the disposal of our clients for technical and design support. 

  Research and Development at DAH JIN is a continuous process. Our R&D team is specially trained in all areas of development, and design. This training enables our R & D department to recognize potential problems, and to implement innovations quickly. 

  At DAH JIN our philosophy is to offer high quality service to our customers on a consistent and continuous basis.

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